Message in a Bottle: Poças Colheita 1992

By: fusionchef

May 29 2015

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Are you a Tawny person or a Port lover?  After a flight of 4 different style of Port wine tasting, I gave my love to the Poças Colheita* 1992.  No more confusion for me.

[Port Wine] is liquid fire in the soul, blazing gun powder down the throat, the colour of writing ink, sweet as Brazil and as fragrant as India. –18 century letter from the Commissioners

Poças Chlheita  1992 has layers of complexity and the delicate balance of sweetness and acidity.  For a 23 year-old wine, it has a surprisingly bright amber color which resembles the late summer sunset at the Douro valley.  The lush nectar continues to release nuance of aroma: star anise, cinnamon, dry prune and raisin as I chewed on in my mouth.  You can taste the intensity of the sun, and smell the sulfur of the rock.  The torturing labor to harvest thick skin grapes walking up and down in the terraced vineyard.

The message in the bottle of Poças Chlheita 1992: Let’s do a food pairing right now!  

It was a shame not to enjoy it fully with food, so I turned my head to our generous host, Pedro Poças Pintão, and said: I wish we have some foie gras.  He gave me an understanding look with a smile.  “Yes, it is one of the classic pairings.”

Foodies develop instant bonding over wines.  The shared passion and the pursue for gastronomic pleasure can be seen in the eyes.  Pedro and I made a deal: I shall prepare dishes and he supplies the wine for our next meeting.  Consider this done, Petro.  Let’s check our travel calendar and make this happen.

*The single vintage Tawny Port is called “Colheita”.

The datasheet of the wine can be found here.